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Getting the Most from Your Car Aircon

At Mainstreme Automotive, we can handle all types of repairs, including servicing vehicle air conditioning systems. Most experts recommend you get your car aircon serviced at least once per year. In the meantime, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you get the best performance from it while putting least strain on the rest of the vehicle. Below are seven car aircon tips to keep your air conditioning running stronger for longer!

Have the Aircon System Serviced Regularly

There is simply no better way to guarantee maximum efficiency and minimum headaches in this area than by regular, professional car aircon servicing.

Run the Aircon at Least Once Per Week

Even at times of the year when the temperature is moderate and you don’t really need the air conditioning for heating or cooling, giving it a decent run (10 minutes or more) will help to maintain gas pressure, lubricate compressor seals, etc. It’s an easy enough habit to get into and should cut down on car aircon maintenance.

Don’t Run the Aircon Until You are Ready to Drive

Probably the most basic our car aircon tips is that the system will always operate more efficiently when driving as opposed to standing still.

Don’t Go Straight to the Maximum Setting

Following on from the previous point, jumping in your vehicle and immediately cranking the aircon to full puts a strain on both it and the engine. Start on a lower setting, wait for the air in the cabin to be replaced with cooler/warmer air, then increase the setting as necessary.

Use the Windows Trick

When it’s summer and you’re desperate to make a boiling-hot car tolerable, lower all of the windows until you feel cold air coming from the vents. Then raise the front widows but leave the back ones down a bit for a while so any remaining hot air can be pushed out. It may seem counter-intuitive to open windows like this when you’re trying to escape the heat outside, but it does work.

Don’t Forget the Old Ways

Back when a lot of vehicles didn’t have air conditioning, owners would be conscientious about parking in the shade, using sunshades and steering-wheel covers, etc. (There’s an interesting history of aircon in Australian cars here.) Don’t abandon these old ways in favour of letting the aircon do all of the work. Overusing it will only increase the likelihood of you needing car aircon maintenance sooner.

Clean the Air Filter!

No list of car aircon tips would be complete without a reminder to regularly clean the filter, which can reduce airflow when it becomes clogged, causing you to have to turn the system up higher for the same effect.

Clean the Rest of the Cabin, Too!

While we’re at it, keeping the entire interior as dirt-free as possible will help you avoid contamination in the air conditioning system from nasty bacteria growth, etc. Nobody wants a car aircon that pumps out stinky air!

For Car Aircon Servicing – and Much More – in the Moreton Bay Area

Based in Dayboro, Mainstreme Automotive is a family business that’s been operating since 2001, earning numerous five-star reviews from our customers. As well as offering a 24-hour towing (two trucks), we can service and repair most types of vehicles and are committed to providing the best possible work at a competitive price. For enquiries, email or , call (07) 3425 1503 or use the online enquiry form located here.

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