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Signs Your Vehicle’s Chassis is Damaged

If you suspect your car has any kind of frame damage, whether due to a minor collision or excess rust or something else, you need to take it to your trusted local auto-repair firm such as Mainstreme Automotive. They will inspect the vehicle and let you know whether car chassis repair is necessary and if it is worthwhile doing in your case. Below are eight possible signs that you could have a damaged car chassis.

Visible Damage

Let’s start with the most obvious: when you can actually see what looks like a small bend or crack in the chassis. In which case, the only course of action is to take the vehicle in question to your mechanic discuss the option of car frame repair. Note: If it is safe to drive. Otherwise, it will have to be towed.

Unusual Noises

Odd noises can be caused by a lot of different vehicle problems. However, if the sounds in question don’t appear to be coming from the engine – especially if they are companied by any kind of shaking – they may indicate that the chassis is damaged.

The Steering is Out

Steering that feels “wrong” is a classic sign of a damaged frame. Of course, the fault could be within the steering system itself, which is why you should have your repair firm investigate the issue ASAP.

Reduced Handling

The clue might be subtler than steering that seems uneven. Perhaps it’s more that the overall motion of the car feels slightly sideways. That too can be an indication car chassis repair is required to fix dangerous damage.

Uneven Tyre Wear

Again, there are multiple possible origins of one-sided tyre wear. One of them is definitely a damaged car chassis, though. So, after noticing your tyres aren’t wearing evenly, bear that in mind as an explanation – especially if you’ve also noticed anything else on this list!

Uneven Shock Wear

As with the previous point, uneven shock absorber/suspension wear doesn’t necessarily mean car frame repair is in your immediate future. That said, it’s not worth taking the risk, so take it as a signal to have your car repairer check the vehicle thoroughly.

Poor Fitting

When doors or a bonnet or boot that used to shut easily now have to be slammed, a damaged car frame could be the culprit. Don’t put up with the slamming as it’s not going to get better. Have the chassis examined by a professional before additional problems occur.

Reduced Economy

Another case where it’s hard to be sure if the solution is car chassis repair until you eliminate several other potential causes. Although if you’re vehicle’s clearly experiencing reduced economy AND the steering appears to be out, that might be a giveaway.

For Chassis Inspection, Expert Advice and Repairs…

Come and see us at Mainstreme Automotive. Based in Dayboro, in the Moreton Bay region of Qld, we’re a family business which has been operating since 2001, earning multiple five-star reviews. As well as offering 24-hour towing, we service/repair most types of vehicles and aim to providing the best work at a competitive price. For enquiries, email or , call (07) 3425 1503 or use the online enquiry form located here.

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