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Some Common Mechanical Repairs & How to Avoid Needing Them

There are many, many vehicle problems that can only be repaired by professional mechanics with the knowledge, skills and equipment to do so. However, there are also some basic ones that can be prevented through sensible maintenance and monitoring of your car. Below are five common situations requiring mechanical replacements/repairs and how to avoid them.

Dead Battery

Dead batteries tend to come at the most inconvenient times, and it’s not always easy to get assistance. Avoid them by going for a long drive at least once a week. If you only go on short drives, the alternator doesn’t have time to recharge the battery. It’s worth investing in a battery charger and occasionally charging it yourself at home. Lastly, if you feel confident in doing some hands-on work, clean away the corrosion that forms around the battery terminals. As well as leading to trouble starting the car, this build-up interferes with the charging process.

Flat Tyre

It’s not possible to guarantee that your vehicle will never suffer a flat tyre, e.g. from driving over a hidden hazard, but you can greatly reduce the chance of it happening by doing a few things. Firstly, check your tyres regularly to make sure they are inflated to the manufacturer’s specified pressure to avoid excess wear and potential overheating. Secondly, rotate your tyres about every 10,000km to ensure they wear evenly. Thirdly, don’t overload your car as this can also cause your tyres to wear more quickly, overheat and might result in a blowout.

Faulty Brakes

Faulty brakes seriously increase your chances of a road accident, and thus of sustaining extensive damage – to you and the vehicle. To avoid what could be multiple repairs, be alert to any differences in the feel or sound of your car’s brakes. Change the brake pads when necessary. Keep the brake fluid topped up. As a general rule, try to brake early and gradually rather suddenly stomping on the brake pedal. And, as with the previous point, don’t overload your vehicle as this forces the brakes (and other components) to work much harder than they should.

Steering Issues

No-one wants to have their steering fail while they are driving. Unfortunately, it can occur. Lessen the risk of steering breakdown by paying close attention to the feel and sound when you steer (in the same way you monitor the braking system). Replace your steering fluid in line with manufacturer recommendations. Regularly inspect the hoses, etc. for signs of leaks. Steering fluid is usually red or pink. When the colour becomes brown or black, that indicates it is old and requires replacing. Check the power-steering belt for wear and tension – it shouldn’t be loose.

Wipers Not Working

Windscreen wipers that judder or don’t contact the glass properly aren’t just annoying, in heavy rain they can be dangerous. Aim to buy new wiper blades once or twice a year, depending on how frequently you use your wipers and the intensity of the local weather conditions. Then preserve the rubbers by never running the wipers on a dry windscreen, parking out of direct sun, and washing off excess dust and other debris by hand (with the wipers lifted). If the wipers are moving slowly or stopping, this is likely an issue with the wiper motor, e.g. a blown fuse.

Regular servicing to ensure everything is checked

Feel at ease knowing you can avoid the above issues occurring to your vehicle, because here at Mainstreme Automotive, we complete comprehensive checks at your regular service. This will include the checking of brake fluid, wipers, tyres and much more.

For Mechanical Repairs You Weren’t Able to Avoid…

Mainstreme Automotive is always ready and willing to help! Based in Dayboro in the Moreton Bay region north of Brisbane, we are a family business that has been operating since 2001 and, during that time, earnt numerous five-star reviews from our satisfied customers. We repair every type of vehicle, in all makes and models. You can contact us by calling (07) 3425 1503.

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