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Wheels & Tyres

Mainstreme Automotive are suppliers of a variety of quality tyres . Mainstreme automotive recommends rotating your tyres every 10,000km, or according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Tyres can wear differently depending on their position on the vehicle due to vehicle loading or suspension and steering set up and road conditions.

As part of the process to fit your new tyres, we can also balance and align your wheels. We have a four wheel laser align machine to correctly balance and align your wheels to maximise your tyres' lifespan and ensure they have maximum traction. To find out more, or for a quote on tyres for your vehicle, contact us today.

Rotating your tyres will give a more even, safer wear pattern and prolong tyre life. We can supply and fit tyres from the following manufacturers below and more.


Tyre Repairs

Mainstreme Automotive has a fast and reliable service to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Our experienced staff are expertly trained, assuring you quick, efficient repairs, when you need it.

Stress free and no waiting just drop it off and we will call you as soon as it is repaired and ready for collection. We do puncture repairs and if the tyre is not repairable we will provide you with competitive prices on a replacement tyre.


Gecko Wheels are exceptionally high quality steel and alloy wheels designed specifically for the Australian 4x4, Trailer & Campervan markets. Gecko Steel Wheels are available Australia Wide in a large range of sizes, offsets and stud patterns to suit most 4x4 vehicles driven in Australia, and are attractively finished in Painted White, Painted Black, Silver, Chrome & Galvanized.

Gecko Alloy Wheels are also available Australia Wide in a selected range of fitments for specific applications. They are high quality, perfectly finished wheels with Gecko Wheels centre caps included. Please refer to their fitment guide to see how we can dress up your vehicle!

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