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Safety Certificates and Vehicle Inspections

There are many reasons you may want to have a safety check performed on your vehicle. A general check-up of your vehicle before you go away for a long weekend or a road trip. This is the only way of ensuring your car is safe for you and your family and to best prevent any issues. Our trained mechanics are fully qualified to advise you on every aspect of car service, maintenance and repair, across all makes and models of motor vehicles.

If you are going on a holiday you may be exposed to different driving conditions. Open roads, winding and dirt roads, towing trailers, boats or vans.

Ensure your brakes, suspension and all fluid levels are all correct before you leave on a road trip of any kind.

Good Brakes

Highway driving, new road conditions, heavy loads and or towing, are all factors which can change the stopping distance therefore reliability of your brakes even more important than before. A complete safety check will include checking the level and quality of brake fluid, checks the condition of the master cylinder, brake booster, pipes and all connections, checks front and back brake pad levels and that the brake callipers are working correctly.

Keeping your car cool and fluid levels correct

The fluids in your vehicle keep it running but they need to be in good condition. As part of your safety check we will check all fluid levels and their quality. Engine oil level and quality, transmission fluid levels and conditions, power steering fluids, coolant levels and condition, brake fluid, clutch fluid, battery water levels if needed.

Suspension and steering

The suspension system includes front and rear shocks, springs, mounts and shackles, suspension brushes and arms, steering rods, CV joints, tie rod ends many other components. All these components work in unison to ensure correct handling of your vehicle and assist in reducing stopping distance.

Good visibility

Ensure your headlight angles are correct and windscreen wipers working efficiently.

Mainstreme Automotive is an approved inspection station on behalf of Qld Transport. We are authorised to conduct inspections for vehicle safety certificates or otherwise known as Roadworthy Certificates. We are authorised to complete inspections on cars and light commercial vehicles up to and including 4.5tonne RGVM , motorbikes, Caravans and trailers over 0.75 tonne ATM and including 3.5tonne ATM, trucks and vehicles over 4.5 tonne up to and including 16 tonne RGVM. We have a mobile inspection vehicle and can also do mobile inspections on cars, trucks, motor bikes, caravans and trailers.

Safety Certificates

Safety certificates are compulsory to have displayed if you are selling your vehicle. For further information and detailed outline of what is required for a Safety Certificate, please visit the Queensland Transport website.

We also provided pre-purchase vehicle inspections, for confidence and peace of mind when buying a second hand vehicle

What is involved in a Safety Certificate Inspection and RWC Inspection

Road Test

  • Noise and vibrations

  • Power, steering and general running

Under the Bonnet

  • Check all hoses and drive belts

  • Electrical system check as best possible

  • Engine performance and general operation

  • Brake fluid, master cylinder, booster pipes and connections

  • Vacuum hose and valve

  • Clutch fluid, system, cable and linkages

When on the Hoist

  • Engine oil and transmission oil leaks

  • Transmission cooler pipes and linkages

  • Engine and transmission mount

  • Exhaust system and drive shafts

  • Universal joints and CV joints

  • Front and rear shock absorbers

  • Springs, mounts & shackles

  • Ball joints and tie rod ends

  • Suspension and idler arms and bushes

  • Steering box

  • Wheels, tyres and tyre pressure including spare

  • Front and rear brakes, shoes, pads, drums, rotors, calliper and wheel cylinders

  • Hand brake cables & linkages

Interior and Exterior of Vehicle

  • Vehicle panel, paintwork and fittings

  • Windscreen, washes, wipers and other glass

  • All lights and horn

  • All instruments and accessories

  • Trim and interior fittings

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