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What’s Involved in a Vehicle Safety Check?

Depending on where you live in Australia and the age of your vehicle, a safety check may be necessary for re-registering. Proof of having passed such an inspection is also usually compulsory when selling a vehicle. Then there are less common situations where the check is required because the vehicle was previously given some sort of defect notice (different from state to state), but you wish to use it again. Finally, a lot of people will voluntarily have their vehicle undergo a safety check prior to a long road trip, to prevent problems arising at an inconvenient time and ensure passenger safety.

Below is a list of some of the many things involved in a vehicle safety check.


The qualified inspector will check that all aspects of the braking system are in good condition and working correctly, including the front and rear brake pads as well as the brake callipers.


The front and rear bumpers will be checked for damage.


Your vehicle’s air-conditioner (if applicable), heaters and defrosters will be tested to ensure they are fully operational.


The inspector will ensure the engine is running smoothly and look for any possible problems in the engine area.


All fluids will be checked for quantity and quality, and refilled/replaced as necessary. This covers brake fluid, coolant, clutch fluid, engine oil, power-steering fluid, transmission fluid, water levels in the battery and more.

Lights & Signals

The vehicle’s lights and signals will be assessed. They must not only work but also produce sufficient light/sound to be effective. This covers brake lights, hazard lights, headlights (and any extra lights), interior lights, licence-plate lights, reversing lights, tail lights, turn signals and, of course, the horn.


There should be the correct number of seatbelts, in good working order.

Suspension & Steering

This is another vital system that, like the braking system, will be thoroughly investigated. The various joints, mounts, rods, shackles and springs will be checked, not to mention the front and rear shock absorbers.


The vehicle’s underbody will be inspected.


Besides the obvious components of windshield, other windows and mirrors, the inspector will check things like headlight angles and ensure the various windscreen-wiper settings are operating correctly.

Wheels & Tyres

The qualified inspector will inspect your vehicle’s tyre wear and also able to be requested at extra cost.


The above list should not be considered exhaustive. Suffice it to say that the person carrying out the safety check will also be looking for any other problem that might render the vehicle unsafe for the driver, passengers or their fellow motorists.

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