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When to Repair a Crashed Vehicle and when to Replace

Let us start by saying that the best source of advice when you’re not sure whether to fix or replace a car after an auto accident is your trusted local auto repairs firm. At Mainstreme Automotive, we’re happy to give customers the benefit of our knowledge and experience in terms of what mechanical work would be required on a crashed vehicle and whether there is too much damage to make doing so worthwhile.

Of course, given the money involved and the importance of cars in all of our lives, you’ll want to be 100% sure that you’re making the best choice for your particular situation. Nobody wants to follow an unfortunate accident with a bad decision! That being the case, below are some things to consider if you find yourself tossing up between smash repairs and purchasing a replacement vehicle.

Consider the Golden Rule

Many would say that if the estimated cost of crash repairs is higher than the market of your vehicle prior to the accident, then you should replace it as you won’t make your money back in the future. However – and it’s a big however – assessors don’t tend to put a price on sentimental value. There are those who would still choose to have a beloved car (or truck or van or bike) repaired rather than let it go.

Try to Think Long Term

When choosing between a replacement car and auto repairs to your damaged one, bear in mind the potential difference in age/mileage. While the financial outlay might be about the same now, a newer replacement will likely develop fewer serious mechanical problems in the coming years. Realistically ask yourself how many years of good service your busted vehicle has (or had) left.

Weigh Up the Running Costs/Features

While a replacement van or ute or whatever may be slightly more expensive, would it lower your weekly fuel bill? Would it be better suited to your family or business, holding more people or a larger amount of equipment/stock? Would it allow you to cover distances or get into places you couldn’t previously reach? If the answer to all of these is no, then it’s probably best to stick with smash repairs.

Factor in the Insurance

We could easily have put this point first, even ahead of the Golden Rule. Exactly how much your insurance will cover is a HUGE aspect of the decision between crash repairs or replacement. And, naturally, every case is different, so there’s no rule of thumb. Worth noting, though, is that if you’re unhappy with the coverage after an accident, be sure to upgrade your policy once your old car is repaired or you get a replacement!

For Auto Repairs in the Moreton Bay Area

Based in Dayboro, Mainstreme Automotive is a family business that’s been operating since 2001, earning numerous five-star reviews from our customers. As well as offering a 24-hour towing (two tow trucks), we can perform repairs on all sorts of vehicles and are committed to providing the best possible work at a competitive price. For regular enquiries, you can email or call (07) 3425 1503.

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