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Why is My Car Overheating?

If your vehicle is overheating, you’ve got a serious problem. Continuing to drive it could cause temporary or even permanent damage to the car. The safest course of action is to promptly take it (or have it transported, if things seem really bad) to your friendly local auto repair firm. As with all motoring issues, though, it’s good to be aware of what may lead to an overheating engine so you can do everything possible to prevent it from occurring. Below are eight of the most common mechanical causes…

Coolant Has Run Low

Driving without a sufficient level of coolant can lead that system to fail and see your car overheating. The owner’s manual should show you where to find the coolant reservoir and give you the manufacturer’s recommendations in this department.

Coolant is Leaking

Related to the previous point, the coolant reservoir might have sprung a leak. A tell-tale sign of this happening is drips on the ground. For identification purposes, coolant is colourful and tends to have a sweet smell.

There’s actually a whole science to coolant types. This website has a good breakdown of some different sorts by colour, listing their various inhibitors and intended uses.

Oil Has Run Low

Oil isn’t just for lubricating moving parts, it also plays a role in controlling engine temperature. As with the coolant, consult your owner’s manual for details and manufacturer advice in this area.

Issue with Radiator Fan

Simply put, when a radiator fan isn’t operating properly, the radiator will not be as effective at removing heat from the engine and you’ll likely find your vehicle is overheating.

Faulty Thermostat

A car’s thermostat is designed to warm it up – but not too much. It is meant to regulate the circulation of the coolant, but obviously a broken thermostat will not perform this task correctly. It is a possible reason for a car overheating.

Issue with Belts/Hoses

Belts inevitably wear out and hoses develop blockages or leaks. Any of these things will affect the amount of air/coolant flowing through the engine system and keeping it cool.

Water Pump is Blocked

An excess of residue (or simply dirty coolant) can prevent the water pump from doing its job and pumping the coolant throughout the engine.

Heat Exchanger is Blocked

The heat exchanger is yet another component that, when compromised, can interfere with the flow of coolant and would explain why your vehicle is overheating.

For an Overheating Engine or Any Other Vehicle Fault…

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