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Brake Pad Replacement: What You Need to Know

The braking system is obviously one of the most important systems of your car, which makes brake pads one of the most important limited-lifespan parts. Well-maintained brakes are needed to keep you, your passengers, your fellow motorists, cyclists and pedestrians safe on our roads – that’s a lot of responsibility!

How do Brake Pads Work?

Brake pads are used by cars with disc brakes, which are steel plates with a section of friction-causing material. In practice, when you apply the brakes, the brake pads are pressed onto these discs as they spin. There is a reaction involving high heat and some of the friction-causing material is transferred across. The presence of this material on both disc and pad results in them sticking together, slowing the car (or bringing it to a complete stop, if so desired).

What Leads to Worn-Out Brake Pads?

All brake pads will eventually wear out simply from driving the vehicle and braking as necessary. Rough estimates of their lifespan usually range from 20,000-70,000km. Driving fast and braking hard will see you changing brake pads sooner. However, so will issues elsewhere in the braking system which may prevent the pads being applied smoothly and evenly. Front brake pads, which tend to work harder in the stopping process, will usually wear out faster than rear brake pads.

The best way to ensure that your braking system is working properly, thereby guaranteeing maximum life from your brake pads, is to have your car serviced regularly by a qualified mechanic. Getting a professional vehicle inspection is a particularly good idea if you’re about to go on a long car journey.

What are the Signs of Worn-Out Brake Pads?

Some cars will automatically tell you via the relevant display. One pretty clear sign of worn-out brake pads is when the car takes longer than usual to slow down after you apply the brakes. Other signs include squealing/grinding noises or vibrations whenever you brake. You can actually manually inspect your brake pads – and it’s a smart habit to get into. Not only will you notice when they grow thin, they have a wear indicator as a guide to let you know when you should be changing brake pads.

Is Brake Pad Replacement Difficult?

For someone who has never carried out a brake pad replacement before, it can take a few hours and there are ways you can go wrong. Leaving the task to your friendly local mechanic has several advantages… It’ll be done quickly. It’ll be done right. They’ll check the rest of the car’s braking system (whose importance we keep stressing). And the work will be guaranteed.

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